To apply for Org Recognition, please submit the following:

  1. Letter of application signed by the head of the organization noted by the adviser, addressed to the Dean –Form 001 Application Letter
  2. Letter of acceptance of advisership together with adviser’s address and telephone number – Form 002 Certification of AdvisershipForm 001 Application LetterForm 003 Certification of Co-Advisership
  3. Copy of Constitution and By-Laws, approval, ratification and amendments of which are to be attested by the President/Chairperson or Secretary
  4. Plan of Activities for the year with tentative schedule – Form 004 Plan of Activities
  5. List of all officers and members (at least 15) – Form 005 Directory of Officers
  6. Group interview of all officers at OSA on designated dates, or attendance in the Leadership Training Seminar on 21 August 2015
  7. Semestral accomplishment and financial report
  8. Annual accomplishment and financial report – Form 007 Accomplishment Report

Deadline for Applications: Thursday, 10 September 2015